This is my new Cartoon.  I love Jared in the video today. :3

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"Don’t ever ask for permission to follow your dreams, and follow them no matter fucking what. It’s important, we have one life here. One life, everybody has this one life and you are the author of your story, more than anybody else. You are much more responsible for your dreams, coming true or not, than anyone else you’ll ever come to contact with. So dream big and work hard and make them happen, no matter what.” - Jared Leto.

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Why VyRTs are always shorter but the price is always the same? I miss those events “made with the heart ” that lasted 3-4 hours.


Tomo’s faces!!!! Ahahhahahaah!!!! our crazy mofo!!!

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#JaredpeekabooLeto :)

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TOUR PIC OF THE DAY: MARS kicks off in West Palm Beach, FL! Hi-Res HERE.

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